Soccer Salam

FA634898-F79C-459B-A45A-65E1B13CB478As thousands of families fled the violent advance of ISIS across Iraq, a team of veteran-led non-profits united to help thousands of destitute and frightened children.

Soccer Salam is a lifesaving program that delivers emergency humanitarian aid and the joy of play to vulnerable children and families fleeing violence in Iraq. Alongside distributions of food, clean water, medicine, blankets, and other essentials, we deliver soccer balls and other toys.

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To date, we have delivered aid to nearly 3,000 families in Baghdad and across Iraq, including areas previously unreached by other aid agencies. Our Iraq-based team members have decades of experience working on-the-ground in support of the children and families most in need. Their first-hand knowledge of the changing situation in Iraq ensures that every donation’s impact is maximized.

Soccer Salam is the product of a partnership between four veteran-led non-profit organizations:


Learn more and donate here.


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